Tuesday, 29 April 2008

More examples of my sculpture

Idea for Anne of B for London exhibition, she is a work in progress!
Ice Breaker in the secret winter garden

Hey look at me (Detail)

Swallow at Culpeper's dish


Lotte, a waif for Hampshire

Girl on tummy

Fighting stalion in clay.

Charlie II, Section C Welsh Cob

Speck, English Springer Spaniel

Waif (Detail)

Save your heart, excersise!

Saved from the bin!

Spaniel, or Dog and Duck!

Big Sister with ball

A Team (Detail)


Lori Witzel said...

All so full of life I'm surprised I can't hear the girl's giggle or the whuffing breath of the cob.

I hope all is well and happy for you -- I left some reply back in the comments for to that old gaping warehouse pic.

marlyat2 said...

I bet you saw that I'd ventured out to see how conditions were at Mount Shang! I'll have to come back to see these lively creatures and girls when I don't have to pick up one from football and take another to "Grease" callbacks...

So glad to see you flying by again. I'm still trying to catch up from being away and the start of school.

Robert said...

Thanks Lori, so sorry I missed you.

And Marley........